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Winter and Your Roof

Winter in the Ottawa area brings with it ample snow, ice and both frequent (and sometimes dramatic) temperature swings. For the most part, roofs are designed and built to handle the realities of winter in our climate. Occasionally, even a roof system that was properly designed and built may not be able to cope with extreme conditions, be they excessive amounts of snow or overly-dramatic temperature swings, without appropriate intervention.  The removal of excessive snow, ice and icicles from a roof should be treated by homeowners and building owners as regular maintenance.

Poorly designed, built or maintained roof systems WILL require appropriate intervention more frequently or risk incurring costly damage or even failure. In these circumstances, a failure could result in costly damage, personal injury (or worse) or both.

Effects of excessive Snow, Ice / Icicle Build-up (damming)

An excessive build-up of snow on your roof can risk overloading the roof structure and could ultimately cause the failure of the roof. As stated above, the results of a roof failure, at best, could be costly repairs and replacement of household items. At worst, a roof failure could result in personal injury.

Ice & Icicle build-up can cause water leaks, water damage, and structural damage to your home and its contents.

Ice Dam Effect

The roof 'system' as relates to winter conditions

Your roof is a system made up of a number of working components. If one or more of these components is not working properly, a breakdown in the system may occur and you will more than likely experience excessive snow accumulation or Ice / Icicle build-up. More details available at "WHY DOES MY ROOF HAVE A LOT OF ICE BUILD UP OR ICICLES?" on the HOMEOWNER PROJECT MANAGEMENT page. More deficiencies increase the risk of damage to or failure of your roof, your house and its contents. Causes of Snow, Ice & Icicle build-up (damming) include: 

  • Complex roof designs that are susceptible to Snow / Ice / Icicle build-up;
  • Improperly designed, built or maintained roof;
  • Obstruction in eaves troughs at time of freezing;
  • Improper attic ventilation;
  • Insufficient insulation; or
  • Extreme winter conditions

What can I do? Call Custom Roofing Ltd. for Experienced, Professional Snow, Ice / Icicle Removal

As stated above, homeowners and building owners should treat the removal of excessive snow, ice and icicles from a roof as regular maintenance. 

Homeowners and building owners are encouraged to seek experienced professional help to remove excessive snow, ice and icicles from their roofs since they employ the proper tools & techniques and possess appropriate insurance to get the job done right. Homeowners and building owners are discouraged from attempting to remove excessive snow, ice and icicles themselves due to the associated risks. These risks include any combination of: causing expensive damage to the structure of your home or building, its contents, your property, and also personal injury or worse.  Additionally, you may shorten the life of your roof system or even void the warranty of important components such as the shingles.

As stated above, simple extreme weather conditions can be enough to create the scenario when a homeowner or building owner should have excessive snow, ice and icicles. If this snow, ice and icicle build-up is a recurring issue, then there may be an underlying problem that should be investigated with the help of an experienced professional.

Give us a call or send us an email to discuss the removal of excessive snow, ice and icicles from your roof.  Leave it to the professionals at Custom Roofing Ltd.; we can help! Call us today!

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